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Gourmet Coffee & Espresso


Great coffee starts with great beans.


Our beans are roasted locally, right here in Orange County. Our beans are 100% sun dried and come from the farmer, to our local roaster, right to your cup. No nationally distributed, mass produced beans will ever be served from the Beach Bus Bistro.

We offer only the finest, freshest roast.


Our beans remain whole until seconds before brewing to maintain their aroma, flavor, and the taste you deserve. To ensure its flavor profile, our drip coffee is brewed minutes before you drink it and our espresso is extracted to order.


All coffee & espresso beverages are available hot or cold and can be customized.



Cup of Joe

Freshly brewed coffee. Your choice of Kona or Vanilla Nut. Available hot or iced.


Café Mocha

Rich dark Ghirardelli chocolate steamed with milk and poured over freshly pulled espresso, topped with real homemade whipped cream.

Also available with white chocolate.


Caramel Macchiato

Buttery, mouth-watering Ghirardelli caramel

      steamed with milk, added to rich espresso,

      and topped with a touch of foam. Finished

      off with a sweet caramel drizzle. Yum!


Caffe Latte

Velvety steamed milk with freshly pulled

      espresso, topped with a dollop of foam.



Freshly pulled espresso with a touch of milk

      then finished with delicate foam.


Black Eye

When you really need a pick-me-up try

      this! A double shot of espresso added to a

      cup of our gourmet coffee. 



Freshly pulled espresso shot, combined

      with hot water.


Skinny Vanilla Latte

Velvety steamed low fat milk flavored with sugar-free vanilla syrup, added to freshly pulled espresso, complete with a dollop of foam.


Chai Tea

This drink has been savored for centuries in India. Refresh your body and soul with the creamy blend of honey, vanilla, black tea and exotic spices.


Chai Tea Latte

     Velvety steamed milk combined with creamy rich Chai Tea, topped with foam. 

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