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Cold Drinks and Blended Treats


Treat yourself to a creamy blended ice coffee or fruit smoothie. All drinks are blended to order and topped with real homemade whipped cream.

Fruit smoothies can be made dairy-free upon request.

Made from scratch lemonade

Our homemade lemonade is made with only three ingredients: freshly squeezed lemons, pure cane sugar, and filtered water. There is no more thirst quenching beverage around!

Delicious strawberry lemonade is made to order using real strawberries.

Sugar-free lemonade is also available. 

Blended ice coffees and teas


Kona Mocha

A delicious blend of robust Kona coffee, milk, and rich chocolate, topped with real whipped cream.


Longboard Vanilla Latte

An artful, velvety blend of Arabica coffee, milk, and vanilla, finished with a dollop of real whipped cream.


Cowabunga Caramel

A creamy blend of Arabica coffee, milk, and thick rich caramel, garnished with real whipped cream.

Chocka Mint

Rich minty cocoa and Arabica coffee combined with milk, completed with real whipped cream.


Tubular Green Tea

This Asian-inspired creamy blend is coffee-free and made with real green tea and milk.


Fruit Smoothies


Surfin' Strawberry

Ripe strawberries blended with milk and ice for a cool, smooth beverage.


Maui Mango

Refreshing mango blended with milk and ice for a sweet, tangy drink.


Pipeline Pina Colada

Pineapple, coconut, green tea, milk, and ice combine for a delicious tropical treat.


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